Sales guide


  • Copy of your ID : We need a photocopy of your passport and the passport of anyone else who is an owner of the property according to the title deeds.
  • Copy of the Title Deeds : A few months after you purchased the property, you would have received a copy of the title deeds. We need a copy of this for the notary and future buyer. If you do not have this then the attestation that you received from the notary on the day of the sale will help us to locate it.
  • Diagnostics :We can arrange the diagnostics for you. The cost for this is based on the number of rooms you have, but count on around €250-€350 for an apartment which requires the full diagnostics (it will be less for a new build). The diagnostics include checks on the size of the property, termites, lead, asbestos and electricity. The diagnostics company sometimes needs to see your electricity bills too, so please gather these together (as many as possible from the last year).
  • Syndic document : Your building’s management company (the syndic) sends you regular statements showing your charges. We need to see as many of these as possible. Every year, they also hold a General Assembly meeting (Assemblée Générale) and send you the minutes (procès verbal). We need the last three copies of this, so that we can see what work is due to be voted in the building.
  • Electricity bills etc : You may have already had to provide this to diagnostics company, but it’s handy for us to also have a copy so that we can change the electricity into the new owner’s name once the property is sold. Water, gas and phone bills would also be useful for the new owner.
  • Taxe Foncière : Every year around October you will receive a ‘Taxe Foncière’ bill. We need a copy of the most recent one.
  • Mandate : Without a signed mandate we are unable to market your property. The mandate outlines your price and our commission, which is 5% for an exclusive mandate and 6% for a simple mandate. Our commission is paid by the seller on the final day of the sale. If we don’t sell your property, you don’t pay!
  • Règlement de Copropriété : If you have a copy of this in your paperwork it would be useful for us to have a copy also, but it is not obligatory.
  • Lease : A copy of your lease if you have a tenant in your property.

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